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Come “Create Your Curry” with us – the best kept secret at Columbus, OH.

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Come “Create Your Curry” with us – the best kept secret at Columbus, OH.

Conceptualized and owned by Dr. Bidisha Nag, this unique cooking classes transforms strangers into friends through the shared experience of culinary exploration.

Dr. Nag guides you through the vibrant world of ingredients and spices, helping you create dishes tailored to your tastes and preferences.

Whether you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, prefer fish over meat, or enjoy gluten, butter, and sugar-rich dishes, Dr. Nag will cater to your needs.

She will assist you in preparing both traditional and popular Indian dishes from her homeland, while also imparting her expertise on customizations and regional specialties using simple spices and straightforward cooking techniques.

Learn How To Cook Indian Recipes

Join Dr. Bidisha Nag, an esteemed chef and culinary expert, for a unique cooking experience that masterfully combines traditional techniques with creative flavors.

Makes your Skill Higher with Dr. Bidisha Nag

Bidisha Nag, founder, owner, and instructor at Create Your Curry, draws profound inspiration from her family, friends, and diverse life experiences. Her culinary journey is deeply rooted in her love for food, travel, and culture, which began in her childhood. Traveling to faraway lands with her marine engineer father, mother, and sister, she was exposed to a myriad of flavors and traditions that shaped her unique culinary perspective.

Her passion for cooking and hospitality is also a reflection of her family's practice of radical hospitality, where friends, family, and even strangers were always welcomed with open arms. This rich cultural tapestry and her commitment to inclusive hospitality are the cornerstones of Create Your Curry, where she shares her love for Indian cuisine and fosters a warm, inviting community for all.

Typically, they are 2 hour long followed by lunch or dinner

You do not need any experience. All you need is interest and a positive attitude. We believe in building friendships through food. You come in as a stranger and leave as a friend!

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Master cooking with our expert-led classes. Elevate your culinary
skills and become a kitchen pro in no time!

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Gift cards offer a unique opportunity to immerse someone in another culture without ever leaving town. Give the gift of exceptional company and exquisite cuisine, and let them embark on a culinary adventure from the comfort of their own city.

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Come as a stranger - leave as a friend

We provide locally sourced fresh ingredients so you
can craft your curry from scratch.

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Google Reviews

Create Your Curry

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Overall rating out of 47 Google reviews

Jessi Zins
a month ago

This experience was given to us as a gift, and now we want to make it a yearly tradition! We created the most wonderful, delicious Indian meal. I can’t wait to make the recipes in our home. Highly recommend.

Jim Zins
a month ago

A very unique and wonderful experience. Bidisha is a fabulous host and we loved how she shared her knowledge of culture and cooking. It was a lot of fun to help prepare an incredibly flavorful meal. We highly recommend Create Your Curry!

Cristi Riley
a month ago

This was an experience gift for my son and daughter in love. We learned a lot about the different cuisines on relation to the regions in India, some helpful tops and tricks in preparation. We consider ourselves foodies and really wanted to experience authentic ingredients and teachings and we were not disappointed!! We will definitely schedule another session as the good was delicious!! So fun!!

Hunter Harrison
2 months ago

An absolutely wonderful experience. Bidisha is a wonderful host and teacher. The process she has designed for the classes works wonderfully as well. Before the class, you are invited to choose the dishes you would like to learn. At the start of the class, Bidisha asks about heat (spice) tolerance and any dietary restrictions. Students take an active roll in preparation and cooking. Food history is discussed along the way. Finally the class culminates with dinner (and left-overs, if any). We had a wonderful time and will certainly do it again.

Andrea Biada
3 months ago

We had a great experience with Bidisha and highly recommend taking her cooking class! Several in our group had various levels of comfortability in terms of cooking Indian cuisine and we all left more knowledgeable and confident in cooking Indian food.

Jodi Howland
4 months ago

Fun class in the privacy of the teacher's home. We walked away with 4 vegan recipes that we used to host an Indian dinner.

Christine Roberts
6 months ago

What a fantastic experience!! Bidisha Is so kind and warm! She not only gave us real life cooking tips, she shared context, history, and stories! And the food was spectacular!! Definitely doing it again.

Toni Kervina
6 months ago

Such a lovely experience! Bidisha was friendly, welcoming, and highly knowledgeable. She has an amazing working kitchen and really helped to demystify Indian cuisine. It was the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with my family, and would make for a great date night as well.

Elliott Mokski
a year ago

I had a fantastic experience at Create Your Curry. Bidisha is an outstanding and welcoming cook; she is also an extremely effective and patient instructor. Her courses incorporate cultural and historical notes, which are fascinating. I definitely feel like my cooking skills and knowledge of the broader cultural context have substantially improved. I strongly recommend the experience.

Jessi Zins
a month ago

This experience was given to us as a gift, and now we want to make it a yearly tradition! We created the most wonderful, delicious Indian meal. I can’t wait to make the recipes in our home. Highly recommend.

What an amazing experience! My wife and I had the pleasure of attending this class with my sister and brother-in-law this weekend and we just had the best time. Bidisha was very engaging and knowledgeable - her class would be an amazing experience for anyone from an entry level cook to a seasoned home chef. I personally can't wait to make some perfectly cooked, fluffy basmati rice at home!! We are definitely planning a return trip with some other couples to share this fun experience.

Sheri Emerson
9 months ago

We had an amazing evening with Bidisha. She was so organized and had the recipes all printed off for each of us. It was a great learning experience that culminated with eating the best tasting Indian food, that we had helped prepare.

alana oif
11 months ago

We had an amazing experience! Bidisha led a cooking class for my dad’s birthday and drove two hours so we could host the evening at our home. It will be a wonderful memory for all of us. To start, she was amazing with communication and made the process so easy. Bidisha was a wonderful teacher and got all of us involved in the cooking process. She is so knowledgeable, friendly, and we enjoyed spending our night with her. Best of all, the food came out delicious! We would highly recommend her cooking class!!

2 years ago

Customized Menu Your Choice of Indian Cuisine, guided lesson, discussion of spices, cooking techniques, locally sourced items. You chop & watch or stir the pot. Fun meal prep. & dining in a large home kitchen.

Susan DeVol
9 months ago

We took a second class and brought our husbands! They joined in the fun and we had a delicious meal as a result. The recipes are easy to follow and Bidisha's instructions and tips are very helpful (especially to a challenged chef like me!). We are developing a menu for our third class!

ayasha rabbani
6 years ago

Bidisha is an AMAZING cook and AMAZING teacher!!! She creates tasty, unique and EASY Indian dishes that appeals to any dietary needs! I’ve cooked with her several times and positively love her!

kae marie
7 months ago

We LOVED this class, and had such a great time with Bidisha. Indian food has been such a mystery to me, and I feel like a door has been opened. Bidisha is so friendly and fun. Thank you! We will be back to learn more 🙂

Emily Hanafin
a year ago

Bidisha is a wonderful instructor! She allowed us to follow the recipes yet was there if we had any questions and to check on things plus keep everything running smoothly. I especially enjoyed learning more about her as a person.

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